Sink Materials

BLANCO Materials

Stainless Steel Sinks

Classic. Timeless. Beautiful.

A stainless steel sink integrates beautifully in any kitchen environment - better than almost any other material.

The main properties of stainless steel sinks:

  • classic, timeless aesthetics
  • rustproof
  • completely heat resistant
  • suitable for food use and hygienic
  • stain and acid restant
  • non-fading
  • easy to care for


The precious stone in the kitchen

BLANCO sinks made of SILGRANIT stand out thanks to the eleganc

e of the beautiful colours and attractive designs.

SILGRANIT consists of 80% granite, which makes it ideal for daily life in the kitchen.

The stony-silky surface and very finely pored, closed surface create a soft stone-like character that is wonderful to the touch.

Thanks to the excellent material properties, SILGRANIT offers an ease of care and level of resistance that has never been offerd before for coloured composite sinks.

Characteristics of SILGRANIT:

  • outstanding ease of care
  • superior durability
  • natural stone like character
  • unsurpassed scratch resistance
  • unsurpassed resistance to breakage
  • heat-resistance to 280 °C
  • 100% suitable for food use
  • 100% acid resistant
  • 100% non fading

There is a choice of many delightful colours with the identical surface condition in alll, and all specially designed to match the BLANCO taps.

Blanco Silgranite Colours

BLANCO ceramic sinks

The most beautiful combination of nature and design

Sinks and bowls made of BLANCO Ceramic create a pleasant, homely atmosphere.

They appeal for their flowing lines and glazed surfaces.

BLANCO Ceramic blends happily both with traditional kitchens as well as modern desings - either to provide a contrast or to match existing colours and shapes, whichever is preferred.

Modern production methods, special manufacturing techniques and the decades of experience of our skilled craftspeople ensure that the quality of our products remains consistently high.

The greatest care throughout the entire production process helps to ensure the maximum precision, down to the smallest detail.

The special properties of BLANCO Ceramic

  • Unbeatably easy to look after
  • Resistant to impacts and blows in normal domestic use
  • Resistant to scratching and stains
  • Full-tone colours, matt or gloss
  • Manufactured using traditional methods
  • Heat resistant
  • Suitable for food use and hygienic
  • Acid resistant
  • Resistant to light - even direct sunlight

Blanco Ceramic Colours

Astracast : Stainless Steel

Modern, durable and care free, it's no wonder that stainless steel is the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen sinks. Astracast uses only high quality 18/10 stainless steel in the manufacture of its sink products - 18 / 10 refers to the chromium (18%) nickel (10%) content in the steel which gives it the high level of stain, corrosion and rust resistance we associate with the material.

Stainless steel sinks are available in many shapes, sizes and installation types. All our Studio sinks are 0.7mm gauge or greater, this is the thickness of the steel used in the sinks construction. The higher the gauge, the more rigid the steel and the less flex the sink will have. Some manufacturers use thinner steel that has the potential to dent or scratch more easily.

Astracast : Composite ROK

Your kitchen sink is one of the most hardworking appliances, so you need to make sure it’s up to the job. That’s why the right composite material is so important. With ROK®, quartz crystals are concentrated at the surface, making it tougher, stronger and more durable. ROK® keeps on looking good, no matter what you throw at it.

Quartz is the fourth hardest element and that makes it a natural choice for a kitchen sink. Take a look at the magnified image of ROK®. As you can see, ROK® is made from an intense mass of 90% quartz crystaline particles, forced together within a smooth bonding agent to give it its superior strength. And unlike standard granite composites, ROK® has a greater concentration of quartz crystals at its surface, because this is where you want the real durability. It creates an impenetrable barrier, which makes it resistant to stains, intense heat, scratching and every day knocks and bumps.


Astracast Compsite ROK Colours


Astracast : Ceramic

Ceramics have been used in the manufacture of sinks for well over 100 years, in a world of changing tastes and technology, ceramic sinks still offer all the durability and charm of their Victorian counterparts. There is something unmistakeable about the timeless beauty of a ceramic sink, they offer character to any kitchen, both modern or traditional, and with modern technology and new innovative manufacturing techniques we are able to create bolder designs that preciously thought possible.

A common misconception with ceramic sinks is they are brittle and impractical, yet every chemistry lab around the world uses a ceramic sink? In fact ceramics offer unparalleled resistance to stains, chemicals and heat, and modern glazes offer a hard and durable surface.